Meat meets chocolate at the Godiva Challenge

Culinary Adventures of The Cocoa Nut

bacon chocolate tart Danny Kingston

The first time I bit into the crude chocolate bar I’d cobbled together with a bashed-up bag of pork scratchings and some melted dark choc, I almost did an Archimedes and skedaddled down the street shouting ‘Eureka’. Mercifully, I managed to rein in my enthusiasm. But even if I hadn’t, at least I’d have been fully-clad – unlike the philosopher who legendarily leapt from the bathtub in the buff.

Chocolate buffs will be no strangers to the strange notion of pairing sweet and savoury. Salted caramel has been the in thing for so long now it’s hard to remember a time when he who sprinkled a few flakes of Halen Mon into the mix would have been called weird. And, where chocolate is concerned, weird and wonderful flavour combos are really no cause for concern at all.

So to me, it kinda made sense that chocolate and crackling would be…

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