Restaurant Story, London

Tom Sellers, the chef behind Story has brought an eclectic feel of old and new together in this wonderful concept near London Bridge.

There is purpose, explanation and depth to each course. The presentation lures you in and the taste can be something polar opposite and explode in your mouth, the Razor Clam comes to mind here. All deliver a pleasant surprise and create an entertaining experience trying to pick out each individual flavour.

Restaurant Story

Crispy cod skin with cod roe emulsion

The cod skin was delicious but it could have done with being warmed – saying that I was talking when they brought it over so it could have well be warm upon arrival.

Restaurant Story Radish

Radish, kelp butter and Maldon sea salt

This was my least favourite of the appetizers as lacked any significant flavour and the texture of the cold butter felt fatty against the fresh radish.

Restaurant Story Leeks

Leek and potato served with a herb emulsion and rapeseed oil dip

The subtle flavour of the leek was injected by the herbs and oil, could have spooned it out of the bowl but didn’t feel it was appropriate. I may keep it for the bread next time.

Restaurant Story Squid ink

Storeo – Squid ink biscuit with smoked eel mouse and malt vinegar powder

This was in my top 3 and loved how the sweetness of the biscuit lifted the smoked eel and they complimented one another perfectly.

Restaurant Story

Pending description from restaurant – can’t quite remember!

Restaurant Story frogs leg

Frogs leg, garlic, Rowan berry, red wine and port. Served on a rockery – now that’s cool!

The frog legs were succulent, juicy and full of flavour with the garlic and herb butter oozing out from the golden crumb. It reminded me of a posh Kiev in the form of a frog’s leg. The presentation was faultless and intriguing.

Restaurant Story rabbit

Rabbit sandwich, tarragon and carrots in bergamot

The rabbit was delicious and the flavour didn’t exude a strong game flavour ( I would have liked more) but the carrot worked beautifully with it.

Restaurant Story Razor Clam

Razor clams, crispy buckwheat and champagne snow

As I strategically tilted the clam into my mouth there was an unexpected zing that brought the clam to life. The coldness from the sorbet really made this a light a fresh beginning to our meal. This was one of my favourites.

Restaurant Story Candle

Beef dripping candle

Restaurant Story bread

Homemade sourdough with celery, chicken consommé jelly and tongue

I liked the idea of this more than I enjoyed the flavour. I’m not great with the taste of fat so the dripping was a little much for me personally, although my fellow diner seemed to enjoy it. The celery, consommé jelly and tongue were just as enjoyable with the well-baked bread.

Restaurant Story beef

Beef, grains, watercress and sloes

The beef was cooked well as were the accompaniments and just the storks of the watercress added a nice peppery flavour. I did find this a little salty and was pleased it wasn’t a larger portion.

Restaurant Story palate cleanser

Palate cleanser

Rapeseed ice cream and sea buckthorn snow. Delicious.

Restaurant Story dill & almond

Almond & Dill

The desert was stunning and the dill with the almond was a real surprise. Dill instantly makes you think of fish, but it really worked well with the almond. I will definitely be trying it out in desserts. It’s so nice to see something on a dish that you’ve tried together or think of pairing them.

Restaurant Story goats milk and rhubarb

Rhubarb, custard and sheep yogurt ‘Shake’

Superb. The goat’s milk worked so well with the rhubarb and added something fun to the desert. It also didn’t feel too sweet.

Restaurant Story petit fours

Petit fours – Rose petal meringue tea cake

The petit fours were gorgeous and the rose petal provided an old school feeling of eating a Tunnock’s tea cake with turkish delight – sorry Tom, that’s the memory that comes to mind. What Tom Sellers brings to the table is an exciting dining experience that does make you want to tell your own story. I would definitely try dinner next time to see a different view and experience.

Not one to miss out on.

Twitter: @Rest-Story


201, Tooley Street,
SE1 2UE.
020 7183 2117

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