Dinner with friends

I’ve been meaning to post this for sometime now but things keep coming along and getting in the way.

Cooking, eating and sharing food with friends and family is one of my favourite things to do. Unfortunately living in a one bed apartment restricts on numbers. *Takes note; big kitchen and seating area is a must next time*
So when a friend decides to host a dinner party I’m always excited to see what will be served up and get some new tips. May, as you shall know her, had gone all out so that after a long week the 6 of us were greeted with a Friday night feast.

With veggie boxes from Abel & Cole and bread from the local baker and meet from waitrose the basis of a good recipe were all in line.

Prosecco with elderflower started the night off perfectly. It’s one of my favourites and is a light way to start drinking before dinner. No pic as needed to consume quickly after a busy week.
Starter- antipasto with fig balsamic oil from Oil & Vinegar – stong but gorgeous taste that lifts this welcome board.


Love antipasto as everyone can get stuck in and it’s easy to put together and look impressive if in a hurry.
Main- beef bourgignon – meaty and delicious served up with carby mash and greens. i had 2 (large) helpings of everything. Best bb ever!

Main Course

Dessert- chocolate pots, rich, creamy, decadent and perfect end to an amazing meal with great company.

Chocolate Pots
Food made by friends can be far more astonishing than eating at your regular restaurant as the thought and time has been put in to make sure you enjoy it.

Would love to know your signature dinner party dish? I’m yet to find mine!


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