The Richmond Arms – West Ashling

So it’s been a whole week since my 27th Birthday and so thought I should actually share the best pub food I’ve ever had with you.  Set off the beaten track by a beautiful pond in West Ashling, Chichester sits The Richmond Arms. A locals bar and country kitchen serving locally sourced meats, seafood, game and vegetables in an innovative manner.  The Sunday roasts cooked on their “Rotisserie” and meats/seafood are grilled over local Wild Wood Charcoal, which I absolutely loved!

Decor was very well done, a folded piece of parchment with your table name on it and then next sittings time and name on there – telling you they will need the table back but in a really nice way.

The Richmond Arms

The menu feels out of place (in a good way) in this country hide-away. I’ve heard people recommend the food and say,”It’s really good – you must go” and you go thinking it will be good – but WOW! Some of the items are executed beautifully and the flavours are sublime. We didn’t have starters as we were having the Sunday Roast and I wanted to make sure I could every last mouthful. But next time I will be going for the *Hot and runny venison Scotch egg, pickled hedge hogs (mushrooms!!)*.

Sunday Lunch – Rotisserie style, we had one Pork and two lamb and they were served up in a very ‘Jamie Oliver-esque’ way with the enamel plates and rustic vegetables all cooked to perfection and way better than you could make at home.

Sunday Lunch

Then came the puddings, which were stunning! The liquorice ice-cream that came out was the most unusual thing I’ve ever tasted and it was an unusual way to try the flavour, but it wasn’t over-powering it was perfect.

Blackberry steamed sponge with liquorice ice-cream, Hot plum clafoutis with vanilla ice-cream & Hot chocolate and banana spring roll with honeycomb biscuit and honeycomb ice-cream

The winner was the blackberry sponge. Honeycomb ice-cream rolled in crunchy honeycomb was delicious though and the spring roll was good as was the clafoutis – although quite wet in the middle, which I like but mum wasn’t as keen.

Big thumbs up for this local pub that I will no doubt be moving into the vicinity of in the next year and will become a permanent resident on table 2.

They also have rooms so if you’re planning a getaway you can’t ask for much more with friendly service, gorgeous food and an idillic setting.

The Pond

The Richmond Arms
Mill Road
West Ashling
PO18 8EA

Tel: 01243 572046



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