Bill’s Produce & Cafe Chichester

We were invited along to try out the concept hitting the town prior to their official opening and under allusion that it would be the same as the original set-up in Lewes, then Brighton I went with three guys from the office. (Seriously outnumbered).

Growing up with Bill’s in Lewes I loved the rustic, homey feel to it that delivered sumptuous eats that leave you fulfilled. I’ve since visited the Covent-Garden one and whilst I love the brand it didn’t feel as warm, inviting or have the authenticity about it. But if you’re new to it, you will love them all!

Set in the City’s old Butter Market which has been renovated and now hosts jewellers and Patisserie Valerie, Bill’s has a small produce shop on the ground floor and a large restaurant in the top. Beautifully done and detailed touches and knowing that ‘Bill’ was there doing the finishing pieces gives a sense of care and attention still upholding this evolving set.

The setting is still Bill’s-esque, however on a more restaurant focused perspective than walk in have a coffee and cake and go. You can still do that but it just doesn’t seem as fitting. They’re going for the dinner trade too.

Meals were free of charge and we were asked to each order a main course and dessert (all different to one another) so here goes…

My favourite dish had to be the fish & chips and my dessert which was the lemon meringue pie cheesecake – AMAZING, but really rich so could share it. But I have a sweet tooth and didn’t want to share.

We all discussed the value and decided that all was good but if you’re adding all the extras onto the burger that you would normally have anyway it works its way up to a whopping £13.85. The desserts are also at the top end of the spectrum for the high-street. I would rather have dessert in Brasserie Zedel where you can get the most delicious treats for just a few pounds.  We also ordered two bottles of ‘Bill’s house white’ – French, light and crisp at £14.50 per bottle

Bill’s gets a thumbs up, but more because of my affinity for them years ago. Don’t get me wrong it’s still really good but just not quite the same now that it’s become a chain and slightly lost their unique appeal.

A great addition to the Chichester restaurant scene and will be in there for brunch tomorrow to see it in full swing after their official opening on Wednesday earlier this week.

3 Buttermarket
North Street
Chichester PO19 1LQ
01243 528 607

Opening times
Monday – Saturday: 8am – 11pm
Sunday: 9am – 10.30pm

Square Meal


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