The new Pizza East – Kentish Town

After working at Pizza Express for three years and eating 250 pizzas on average per year I am not a massive fan of pizza restaurants but a food whore like myself loves everything and it’s near her office. Not having a pizza in about 9 months it was about time.

Friday night, 7.30pm, Kentish Town, Pizza East.

Packed tables, buzzing atmosphere, friendly staff as we walked in and all very chilled out. We were in the right place for a catch up, good food and some wine time. Seated at the counter first of all we ordered Marinated olives with Marcona almonds  and a carafe of  Trebiano. Waiting for a table was comfortable and we weren’t in a rush, I wouldn’t advise going if you’re on a time limit though.

With a table by the oven counter open first we opted for that so that we could see the food being made and be in the heart of the restaurant. Our waiter was friendly, slightly flirtatious (we weren’t complaining) and attentive. After looking through the menu and my friend already taking down a ‘pay day burger’ at lunch we opted to share the Chicken, vegetable stew -for two £15 with delicious baked polenta on top, with a side of Prosciutto croquettes £4.

The food is simple, hearty and just what you need after a long day in London. It does exactly what it says on the tin in a ‘cool as a cucumber’ way. The stew was great but I promise i’ll be have a pizza next time!


Chicken Stew





Pizza East Kitchen

Twitter: @PizzaEast


Square Meal


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