Cote Brasserie the only quality on the high-street

With the endless Italian chains on the high-street and vouchers being forced into my inbox or notifications on my phone springing up it is nice to find a chain on the high-street with a little more class. I enjoy Wagamama but for a more casual experience, whereas Cote delivers something a little more special for a mid-week treat. They even do a glass of NV Brut Baron De Marck for £5.95 and so champagne Tuesday it was!

Service was friendly, attentive and efficient and covered all of the major touch points, although when asking for my lamb pink the waiter continued to suggest it was cooked ‘medium’  so just went with it in the end even though I like it very pink.  Thankfully the chef knew better and a perfectly pink Rump of lamb was served up with roasted courgettes, new potatoes, carrots, red onion and a veal jus. It was superb and priced at a reasonable £13.50. Mr M my other diner went for the Pan roasted duck breast (served pink) with  gratin potato and a griottine cherry sauce £13.95 which looked fantastic and he said that the flavours were good and the meat well cooked.

We didn’t have dessert, just a coffee to finish off our meal. Overall Cote is an excellent concept for the high-street, delivers a bit of class among the mass of other chains out there and serves up some bloody good food. I’ve visited the Horsham branch a few times and the Covent Garden one too and I must say I’ve been pleased every time.

Looking forward to their latest addition to open in Chichester this winter and hopefully they will keep to their guns and stay out of all of this voucher malarky, because quite frankly I’m bored of it and I’m sure you are too.



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