Brasserie Zedel a French masterpiece

After a quick visit to a wine tasting with Enotria in London and trying some stunning wines from Trinity Hill, Iona and Thelema, just a few of my favourite winemakers it was decided that lunch was in order.

Eating out with my Dad and his business partner who is also my Godfather (he’s Italian – feel I have to add that) can sometimes be an interesting occasion with the fussy temperaments of running restaurants and trying new concepts all of the time. However, as I’m used to them and been eating out with them since I could swallow solid food I was prepared for the criticism to evolve over lunch.

The Godfather suggested ‘that new place by Wolselsy’ and I knew exactly where he meant and had been dying to try it since its opening in June earlier this year.

Brasserie Zedel was on the cards and as we approached the outside it unassumingly opens with a small cafe and a few tables and with no host at the top you wander downstairs to the main brasserie.  The marble walls, gold detailing and french pink touches on the table cloths and wine coolers into a traditional French indulgence.

The fantastic Critical Couple managed to beat me to the mark on revealing how amazing value the menu is. We all commented that we just didn’t know how they manage to make any money with what they’re charging,especially for their location, quality of ingredients and service. It competes with the likes of Cote Brasserie and Strada in terms price and I would definitely rather enjoy the lavish atmosphere and food at Brasserie Zedel.  It’s also perfect for any age and perfect for meeting with clients in the centre of London.

From an operators point of view you somehow think of the cost of running it the 27 staff you’ve seen just on the floor plus no doubt a huge brigade in the kitchen. But as soon as you order, eat, then get lured into having dessert and the bill is ridiculously good value you can see how their business model of aiming for 350 covers for lunch and 650 for dinner appears to be a long-term strategy.

Anyway back to the food. I had the Sea Bream £13.50 as did the Godfather and Dad went for the Boeuf Bourguignon £9.75. We then all decided on the Café Gourmand £3.50 for a consisted of a cafetiere and two delicious mini desserts. You can view the full Brasserie Zedel menu here.




This is going to be a favourite and with fabulous food, great service and the total escapism of London what more can you ask of Brasserie Zedel?

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