Nostalgia and the Chocolate Eclairs

Chocolate Eclairs from uktv One of my earliest memories of my food quests would have to be my Grandad’s 65th Birthday. Mum had made a cake with a golfer on it (his favourite pastime) not too sure where she found the time to do this! The family were celebrating and mums friend Maria who also owns a tea rooms had provided homemade chocolate eclairs.

Given that this was in 1990 they were a bit of a classic and her choux pastry and patisserie cream were divine.  As the party continued I knew that everyone would have their hands on one of those bad boys. Being only five at the time I decided that they were mine as Grandad loved me and he had his cake, logical thinking even then. Picking up a paper plate and putting nine (mini) ones on my plate I went out to the garden to enjoy my eclairs alone.

Sitting by the pond on a little seat I began slowing stuffing my maliable cheeks with the sweet treats. Picking up pace fast to hide my conquest my brother arrives whilst I still have four left on the plate and cream and chocolate is seeping from the sides of my mouth.

“Mum, mum, look at her, she’s got them all in her mouth, she’s such a pig”.  As the video evidence ‘suggests’ I simply smile and continue eating them whilst my brother grabs the rest and stuffs them in his mouth.

Even now when I visit my grandparents they have a box from Waitrose in their fridge waiting for me.

I am yet to find somewhere that does them better than Maria so any suggestions of where you’ve enjoyed one would be most grateful. Let the food whoring commence.


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