Food. Pic. Eat.

As the title suggests I am one of those people (so are you) that takes a picture of most things I eat and enjoys sharing and tagging said people and places along the way.  Some of my friends dabble but they actually believe I am dead or ill if a picture does not appear in my timeline or Twitter feed.

On a casual Tuesday night my friend picked me up en route to enjoy a Wagamama feast. I don’t get my fix enough so was ready to dive in and enjoy.

Duck Gyoza ordered and green tea on the table we were discussing the usual lack of men, eating lots and our plans for the weekend ahead. My friend had ordered the (somet) and that came out first, swiftly followed by my Chili Chicken Ramen (usually a toss up between this and the Chicken Katsu Curry).

As I reach for my green tea to wash down the dumplings (which are delicious), friend reaches for her i-phone in the aim to beat me in the picture taking.  Entering my Instagram app I look up and see her hovering over the noodles, reach for the button and drop the phone face plant.  Her face resembled that of a child that had just dropped her ice-cream.

I was tempted to get up, cheer and make an example of her but as we had people next to us an air pump and “YES” mouthed under my breath seemed more suitable. Her face was unhappy and the phone needed cleaning, I got a better picture and the memory of the ‘Pad-Thai i-Phone Plumet’ as it will now be referred to was just the icing on top of another delicious visit to Waga.

Chilli Chicken Ramen

Chilli Chicken Ramen


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